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What is Astigmatism? | Carolina Eye Associates

May 6th, 2015 by cea

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What is Astigmatism?Is it serious?

Astigmatism does seem serious or frightening to some folks but it's only the form of the

eye isn't a sphere. Unlike nearsightedness or farsightedness

(which the light comes to focus before or after it hits the rear of the eye), astigmatism causes

light to come to multiple focuses in the eye.

Astigmatism is quite common.

Symptoms of astigmatism are an inability to focus at any distance, distortion of vision and eye

pull, It could be discovered by your eye doctor in a routine eye exam.

Astigmatism needs to be corrected with a lens or operation. The sort of lens that corrects

astigmatism is known as a toric lens. Toric lenses may be made into spectacles, contact lens or a lens

that's planted into the eye. The eye could be reshaped with LASIK or alternative kinds of laser


At the time of cataract operation or dysfunctional lens operation, an toric implant might be placed to

give the top focus for the eye. Patients are often quite satisfied with the quality of eyesight with

these implants.

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