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PRK Eligibility by Eric Shrefler

PRK, Photorefractive Keratectomy, can become a vision correction surgery you are in a position to most likely possess if you are generally not actually a excellent LASIK candidate. Concerning 80% of the adult U.S. population qualifies as potential PRK candidates.

There are generally fewer criteria with regard to PRK eligibility compared to you will find with regard to LASIK. When you have thin corneas, significant pupils and/or severe nearsightedness (as opposed to mild or reasonable nearsightedness), you would most most likely not be qualified for LASIK. Yet you could probably have got PRK.

LASIK could treat nearsightedness as a lot as concerning -10 D thus if you will become more severely myopic compared to that, you might nevertheless get PRK, other activities becoming equal.

Basic criteria pertaining to choice are:

Normal ocular health

A least 18 years of age

Stable vision prescription pertaining to a minimum of one year

Not pregnant or even nursing

Clear understanding of how PRK is done along with why it is truly a good choice for you

Good comprehension of the actual feasible risks

No well being circumstances that could complicate healing

One with the features of PRK regarding active outdoor individuals is always that it makes simply no corneal flap as LASIK does. Your LASIK flap heals up by simply itself yet if your sports accident were in order to involve the eyes, your flap could potentially be dislodged and want repairing. after PRK, there's simply no such concern and additionally you may be as active within your lifestyle as you'd like.

PRK can be a basically painless procedure, performed within the doctors office without requirement for general anesthesia. That can be accomplished quickly, usually inside under 15 minutes, and furthermore you can depart the particular office after a short rest. An Individual would want anyone to drive anyone home. An Individual could be wearing bandage contact lenses for you to protect the cornea even although the surface cells regrow.

That is truly because instead of making a corneal flap, PRK removes some surface corneal tissue, permitting it to cultivate again after the procedure. so recovery will take more time after PRK laptop or even computer can after LASIK. The Particular lenses would be removed after 3 as well as 4 times and also you'd have moisturizing eyedrops as well as antibiotic eyedrops to help to make use of for a brief time.

Your best source of PRK details is actually a qualified, experienced ophthalmologist who can assess your specific wants as well as recommend the actual therapy best for you.